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Vasilis Vasillarakis

I am a sports physical therapist with a master’s degree in sports medicine. I’m a semi-professional runner. I’ve always been into sports. However, during the covid period I became more involved in running. Since then I managed to win good positions in important races and made a strong team of athletes that we run all over the world. If you decide to join our team, we will have weekly communication to assess progress and there will be a full analysis of your statistics after training sessions. I love discipline and consistency.

All you need are sports shoes, a sports watch and a goal. If you are ready, come to our team today.

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Running Tours Karpathos

Choose one of our Running Tours and discover a different Karpathos. At Karpathos Island Runners we are passionate about running. We want to show our beautiful island to all of you who share the same passion. Our Running Tours are for those who like to discover the island and do not like to
skip their runs. Let’s run in Karpathos. On vacation or business trips, we’re here for you. We offer
you the best running tours in Karpathos.

Well experience running team
Contact us to plan your run and your goal!

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Running Needs Nothing

Running in Karpathos can be tricky but it’s actually fascinating when you know where to go. We have plenty of alleys, valleys and sightseeing points to discover. Sometimes, runners are worried about the pace. Don’t be. We run with runners from all levels. From beginners to competitive
runners. You can decide where to run , stadium ,road or trail.


Please Note
We are not tour guides. We are Running Partners. We hope to show you our wonderful city, but our main aim is to get you running.
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